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  • 1980
  • 1984
  • 1992
  • 1997
  • 2010
  • 2014
  • Philosophy

    Since the very beginning, I Pinco Pallino romantic, though contemporary taste has been inspiring signature collections of quality and glamourous items, as part of a global vision of beauty and dream for children. Cutting edge textiles, as well as statement luxury details and an outstanding sartorial know-how are all part of I Pinco Pallino identity and heritage as one of the first and most reliable brands mastering the art of high-end children’s fashion.

    I Pinco Pallino brand establishment

    * In Italy “pinco pallino” is an idiom commonly used as fancy name to refer to someone with no specific and real identity. In this particular case it refers to all the children of the World with their coloured dreams.



    New points of view

    25 years as seen by the greatest photographers on the scene with their personal and different vision of
    I Pinco Pallino.

    The irreverent images of Bruce Weber, Turbeville’s melancholic girls, the far way children of André Rau, Koko Bolofo’s little Indians, Danilo Frontini’s blooming girls, Nadir’s little gents, Peggy Sirota’s funny creatures, Calliope’s dreaming children as well as Wickrath’s and Chatelain’s globe trotters: all of this is I Pinco Pallino.

    Once upon a time there was a blue little boy.

    Everything can be fairy through children’s eyes.

    Once upon a time there was a blue child who was in love with blue. All of his clothes were blue, his toys were blue, and his eyes were blue as well. One day he met a red child in love with red. All of his garments were red, his toys were red and his hair as well.
    Blue is nicer – said the first child. Red is nicer – answered the other.
And they spent whole weeks discussing, almost quarrelling about this. 


    Blue is nicer, red is nicer. Until one day a girl came. She had blue eyes and red hair; her skirt was blue while the t-shirt was red. “What is the nicest color?” asked the child with red hair while caressing her red hair.
What is the nicest color? asked the child with blue eyes while looking in her blue eyes.
    The girl said: come with me.
She held their hands, took them to a wonderful field and told them: the nicest color is green.

    I Pinco Pallino first monobrand store opening in Milan, Via Della Spiga.


    New international tales

    I Pinco Pallino tales to be told to contemporary princesses and little gents all around the world: export share goes up to 70%.


    I Pinco Pallino become part of Lunar Capital

    Lunar Capital is a leading Chinese buyout firm focused on middle-market branded consumer businesses. The fund possesses a large team, institutionalized platform and clear processes to build better companies, with a long-term commitment to China and consistent investment strategy to facilitate growth. As I Pinco Pallino majority shareholder, Lunar Capital is now entering the high-end fashion and Made in Italy sector with a long-term partnership approach through a very strong Italian management team which guarantees full respect of the brand identity and heritage.



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