I Pinco Pallino - Our History


Irreverent, melancholic, dreaming, young dandies and eternal travellers. These are just some of the stars of the I Pinco Pallino fairytales.

Passion, clear ideas and an extraordinary sense of beauty: the modern fairytale of I Pinco Pallino began right here, over 30 years ago. The stories have changed since then, but that childlike spirit inspiring icon creations that are unique every time has remained the same as ever. Because that’s just how fashion according to I Pinco Pallino is: whimsical, playful, delicate and spontaneous. Like the souls of children all over the world.

Our history

I Pinco Pallino has been a byword for the best Italian tailoring traditions and an expression of beauty, imagination and romanticism since 1980. The creations in our collections are recognised for their high quality and originality, and their ability to express a magical, glamorous dream.

Our philosophy

To create unconventional clothing, focusing our attention right down to the finest detail in order to inspire children who wear I Pinco Pallino creations to never stop dreaming.

The collections

The expression of grace and beauty, spontaneity and delicacy, each collection is inspired by the world of children, a constant balance of romanticism and contemporaneity.